There is no profit in “Free” ……in marketing, the word free is used to attract buyers of a product or service it is really an investment by the retailer in promoting his or her product or service, lets face it, there is very little for free in this world and when it comes to commerce, nothings for free. If you think about that for a minute, isn’t it clear, ‘you get nothing for free’

Retailers want to make sales and in increasingly competitive, noisy and busy markets, they will use every possible opportunity to entice you to part with  your had earned money. They will present an opportunity as (too good to miss) with the suggestion that the product or service on offer is …Free! Sadly miss-guided management tend to place their protection against bad consequences hidden in the small print. Isn’t it true, when have you ever read the small print word for word, before making the decision to buy? Remember sales phsycology tells us once our heart is in the purchase, as much as your head tells you to slow down, your heart is yelling, go for it!

This internal battle of emotions is present in every transaction, sometimes, no matter the bad financial consequences of a single transcation like buying a bar of chocolate to €2, even if the chocolate is not nice, you can absorb the cost, no so with the bigger financial products, losing 10’s of thousands of Euro, is no so easy to absorb,

Remember with something that appears to be ‘Free’ there will always be a catch, so before you take that leap of faith expecting something for Free, this about this…

“Pay for what you want….rather than get what you pay for”

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