Finally move toward a future free of the stress your debt places on you and your family. We can help you negotiate your mortgage, manage your debts, avoid Insolvency and get your financial life, back on track.


Duty of Care

The banks want what's best for them. We want what's best for you! As a registered Debt Management Firm, we are prepared to fight your corner.



We have been working with the ISI since the new Personal Insolvency regulations were put in place. We have more experience than anyone in this industry.

Negotiators - Personal Insolvency and Debt Management

When you are struggling with your finances, our mission statement is simple and straightforward, we want to give distressed borrowers Hope! Hope that they will keep a roof over their heads. Hope that they will regain their solvency. Hope that one day they will be free of debt. Hope that sooner, rather than later, they will be able to look toward a future of success.

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We are here to help

When we negotiate between Creditors and Debtors, we do so with a clear focus on reaching an equitable , fair, and long term resolution. Personal Insolvency is a serious situation, and we are serious about finding real, practical solutions for you.

In a financial era full of mistrust and corporate greed, we at Negotiators provide a clear, honest and independent approach. We will not sugar coat the challenges you face. We explain everything in plain english, because we want every customer to understand their position, their options and their decisions. We will provide you with a professional, tailored solution, specifically designed to appease Creditors, while ensuring that you maintain your reasonable living expenses.

Insolvency Service of Ireland

Get some more information directly from the regulatory body in Ireland covering Personal Insolvency and Debt Management

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Citizens Information

The citizens information website has a significant amount of additional information on personal insolvency laws and practices in Ireland.

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Central Bank of Ireland

For information on current banking practices, mortgages and lending, or insolvency legislation, you can check the Central Bank website

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